Rainn Wilson, Wayne Brady, Anna Akana Headline SoulPancake Documentary ‘It’s Not That Funny’

By 05/09/2019
Rainn Wilson, Wayne Brady, Anna Akana Headline SoulPancake Documentary ‘It’s Not That Funny’

Digital content studio SoulPancake is in the midst of its monthlong mental health awareness campaign, ‘The Beautiful Mind.’

The campaign — which is running right now because May is Mental Health Awareness Month — encompasses new digital series Soul Stories and upcoming full-length documentary It’s Not That Funny, along with cross-platform initiatives like Instagram Stories featuring therapists.

Soul Stories is a weekly series on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel, where the studio has 3 million subscribers. In each episode, SoulPancake interviews people living with mental health struggles about things like their decisions to seek therapy and why mental health is such a taboo topic. Two episodes have debuted so far, with a further three coming each Thursday this month.

It’s Not That Funny will debut May 30, also on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel. Produced in conjunction with comedy brand Funny or Die, the documentary features SoulPancake founder and The Office alum Rainn Wilson, along with comedians Wayne BradySarah Silverman, Rachel Bloom, and Anna Akana. (Akana got her start on YouTube, where she now has 2.5 million subscribers.)

In It’s Not That Funny, each featured celebrity shares frank conversations about their own mental health and how challenges related to mental wellbeing can intersect with their work as comedians.

As for Instagram Stories, each week this month, SoulPancake’s account (which has 126,000 followers) is being taken over by a therapist or mental health-focused influencer who will share their own personal stories as well as mental health expertise.

“The Beautiful Mind campaign allows us to have an honest and productive dialogue for audiences through programming that will help end the stigma around mental health,” Shabnam Mogharabi, general manager of SoulPancake, said in a statement. “Our collaboration with Funny or Die specifically allows us to develop compelling content that will resonate with both our audience and theirs, and more importantly, bring greater attention to these issues.”