David Dobrik Is Decelerating His Vlog Schedule To Pursue Other Opportunities

By 02/28/2019
David Dobrik Is Decelerating His Vlog Schedule To Pursue Other Opportunities

David Dobrik is pumping the brakes a bit on his wildly popular vlog — of which four-minute-and-20-second installments are currently dropping three times a week.

Going forward, however, Dobrik says he’s going to be releasing two vlogs per week “because I just need more time do other stuff,” he explains. “I want to take more meetings for things, I want to say ‘yes’ to other opportunities, but I can’t because I’m literally, like, constricted by the videos…I just want to have more free time to make more stuff.”

Dobrik, whose channel counts 11 million subscribers and 4 billion lifetime views, also explains that the vlogging process has taken a toll on his mental and physical well-being (see below). “I go to bed at 7:00 AM when I’m editing because I can’t do anything else. I just need to be on a  healthier cycle.” He also notes that the lack of sleep and constant stress has “kind of made me sick.” As proof, he notes that he currently has six canker sores in his mouth.


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That said, the 22-year-old will be ramping up output in other areas to compensate for the lack of vloggage. Dobrik is launching a new YouTube channel for his podcast, Views, which is co-hosted by fellow vlogger Jason Nash. In addition to filming the podcasts from now on — which he says currently receives 1 million listeners per episode — Dobrik shares that the duo will start welcoming guests. Additionally, as a ‘thank you’ to viewers before he decelerates his output, Dobrik just released a best-of video comprising clips from previous vlogs that had to be taken down due to copyright reasons or changes in YouTube policies.

Dobrik has hinted at stepping away from his vlog in the past to pursue other opportunities. In December, he revealed that he had initially intended to stop vlogging after his 420th video, but ultimately opted to forge on after Netflix turned down a series that he’d pitched titled David’s Frat House — a Jackass-inspired and lightly scripted project in which the Vlog Squad would moves into a frat house.

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