CAA Signs First Gamers, Facebook Star StoneMountain64 And ‘Fortnite’ Pro Nick Eh 30

By 12/17/2018
CAA Signs First Gamers, Facebook Star StoneMountain64 And ‘Fortnite’ Pro Nick Eh 30

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is expanding its reach into the gaming influencer space. The talent agency, which has long repped video game developers and publishers like Respawn and Obsidian, has signed its first-ever gamer creators: Nick Eh 30 (real name Nicholas Amyoony) and StoneMountain64 (David Steinberg).

Both Amyoony (pictured above, left) and Steinberg (pictured above, right) have both racked up an impressive slate of accomplishments to date, Variety reports.

Steinberg is a prominent Facebook streamer who has more than 1.4 million followers on the platform, as well as 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube and 110,000 followers on Instagram. He’s known for his YOLO series, where he plays battlefield games with teams of random gamers while role-playing as a commanding officer. He placed fourth in the first-ever Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am tournament in Los Angeles this summer, and was nominated for ‘Streamer Of The Year’ at the 2018 Esports Awards.

Aymoony is one of the top three Fortnite streamers in the world, CAA tells Tubefilter. At posting time, he has 2,260 Fortnite wins, making him the 254th best PC player in the world, per leaderboard site Fortnite Tracker. (Current leaderboards show that the top Fortnite players globally have around 5,000 wins.) He’s competed in nearly every major Fortnite tournament to date, Variety reports, and has gained a whopping 3.6 million YouTube subscribers since June 2018 — putting him at more than 3.8 million total.

CAA will represent both creators in all areas, including TV, film, touring, digital distribution and partnerships, endorsements, personal appearances, and publishing.