Indie Spotlight: In ‘Dru’s Podcast For The End Of The World,’ An Introverted Millennial Podcaster Talks Back To The Apocalypse

By 11/02/2018
Indie Spotlight: In ‘Dru’s Podcast For The End Of The World,’ An Introverted Millennial Podcaster Talks Back To The Apocalypse

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In upcoming comedy/sci-fi webseries Dru’s Podcast for the End of the World, titular character Dru (played by series creator, writer, and co-director Abigail Brosh) is the only person left on Earth after an apocalypse with murky origins wipes out the rest of humanity. As introverted Dru explores her newly empty surroundings, she podcasts her adventures, probing into various theories about what triggered the end of the world as she knew it.

But Dru’s brain won’t let her be alone for long. Hallucinated people start popping up right and left, forcing her to confront the fact that she may actually miss having other folks around — and that the ones in her head may redefine what “real” means to her.

Dru’s Podcast is a story about the end of the world. It’s also a story about anxiety, depression, mental illness, and grief,” Brosh says. “It’s a story filled with contradictions that combine to create a genre-defying glimpse into the paradox of an introvert’s struggle with her own loneliness.”

Dru’s Podcast is produced by Talking Back Pictures and is made by an all-female creative team and crew, including co-director Dana Brawer and producers Nicole Palermo and Emma Kreienberg. It was recently selected as a semifinalist at the Los Angeles Lift-Off Online Film Festival.

The first episode will premiere on YouTube Nov. 14, and new episodes will be uploaded each Wednesday.


  • 404. This short horror film (which is, as the title suggests, exactly four minutes and four seconds long) follows an employee whose late night at the office is interrupted by some decidedly strange things popping up on security footage…of himself.
  • Yas Kween. This queer series stars Kyle, a gay man, as he rediscovers himself through drag — and becomes a vigilante. Series creator David Mandell tells Tubefilter, “When you come out, you’re supposed to be welcomed with open arms into the community and instead we’re met with judgement, harassment and disbelief. You hear that ‘bisexuality doesn’t exist,’ ‘masc for masc,’ ‘drag queens scare me,’ etc. All of these issues are battled by the characters in Yas Kween — who, in trying to discover themselves, also break down the walls of toxic masculinity.”

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