Marzia Bisgonin, a lifestyle creator with 7.5 million subscribers who is also the fiancee of YouTube’s most-subscribed star, Felix ‘PewDiePi’e Kjellberg, has announced that she’s departing the platform as of today to forge her own career path.

In a nearly nine-minute video that is at once a look back at her history on YouTube and a love letter to fans, Bisgonin, 26, describes at times feeling “like I was a fraud. I definitely didn’t deserve all the attention — I just happened to know someone that did.” Additionally, she says that since she’s naturally introverted, being a YouTuber initially fostered a lonely lifestyle in which she “just didn’t want to leave the house” or make new friends. Instead, she sought solace in crafting her online persona.

While things have changed in that respect, Bisgonin — like many creators before her — says that she has also struggled lately to muster up inspiration to perpetually furnish new content. And though this may come as a surprise to longtime viewers since she’s never really expressed it before, Bisgonin concedes that these feelings have been brewing for some time.

That said, while she’s departing YouTube, it appears as though Bisgonin will remain active on both Twitter and Instagram. And it’s likely that her new career path could include some of the side projects that she pursued while vlogging — such as designing clothing, home decor, and cosmetics. As of now, there are only six videos remaining on her roughly six-year-old channel; the rest appear to have been privated.

On Twitter, Kjellberg applauded his fiancee’s decision, writing that he was “so proud of Marzia for taking a big step today and following her heart.”

“I hope this doesn’t come across as me being tired of [YouTube],” she concluded, noting that she would likely miss vlogging very much. “It’s about me needing to find my path, because for a long time I felt like I was following someone else’s.”

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