Jacksepticeye And Markiplier Team Up To Launch Clothing Brand Cloak

By 10/19/2018
Jacksepticeye And Markiplier Team Up To Launch Clothing Brand Cloak

Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, two of YouTube’s top gaming stars and longtime friends, have launched a clothing line designed for their viewers, for gamers, and even YouTubers themselves. The pair, who in real life go by Sean McLoughlin and Mark Fischbach, announced Cloak today on their YouTube channels, where they have 20.5 million and 22 million subscribers, respectively.

“There has never really been a brand out there for people like us, who game all day,” McLoughlin said in the brand’s ‘Our Story’ video. He noted that there are many large, established companies for people with other hobbies, like Nike for athletes and Lululemon for yogis. “But I don’t really do any of those things. I’m not really that kind of person. And being someone who plays games all the time, I never really felt like there was a version of that for me.”

“When we set out to make this, we wanted to make something that really fit who we were as people,” Fischbach added. “We wanted a real, honest clothing brand that gave you guys a voice, and gave you clothes that were just plain old comfortable to wear.”

Cloak’s website currently has nine different items available for presale: five T-shirts, each priced at $35, and four hoodies, each $80.

In the personal announcement video on his channel, Fischbach said the clothes are ethically produced and are meant to be accessible to everyone, regardless of size or shape — something evident in Cloak’s choice of models, the fact that its pieces are all gender-neutral, and that its available sizes range from small to 3X.

Fischbach also said Cloak intends to get presale items to customers by the end of the year.