Six months after launching a new venture called The Valleyfolk, four former cast members of the bygone news channel SourceFed are cooking up a new series tailored to the tastes of their viewers. It’s called Your Show, and its a variety series that combines the format of Saturday Night Live with the feel of YouTube.

Your Show features The Valleyfolk’s four co-hosts — Joe Bereta, Lee Newton, Steve Zaragoza, and Elliott Morgan — across a series of sketches, man-on-the-street segments, news updates, and more. Sets range from a simple couch to a news desk that looks like a DIY version of SNL‘s ‘Weekend Update’ hub.

The first episode of Your Show is now available on the official Valleyfolk YouTube channel, which has more than 200,000 subscribers. A second installment is expected to arrive in two weeks.

The series gets its title because its viewers can help shape its direction. “This show has everything: retro couches, belly rubs, nasty dumps, goose bashes, new characters, old characters, news, music videos, vlogs, sketches, and one incredibly timed, very fortunate segment-segueing booty whisper,” reads the video description for the first episode of Your Show. “It’s ‘Your Show’ because YOU’RE watching it and YOU can be part of it and help mold future episodes by becoming part of our awesome Patreon community.”

The last part of that description is key, because The Valleyfolk is chiefly supported by its Patreon backers. Contribute $5 per month, for example, and you can gain access to sneak peeks of upcoming Valleyfolk content. You’d also be helping keep four talented people in business, which is worth the price all on its own.

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