Markiplier Taking Break From YouTube To Mourn The Loss Of His Niece

By 06/29/2018
Markiplier Taking Break From YouTube To Mourn The Loss Of His Niece

In the wake of a family tragedy, gaming vlogger Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is temporarily stepping away from his YouTube channel.

In a heart-wrenching video shared earlier this week, Fischbach told viewers that his 19-year-old niece, Miranda Cracraft, had been killed in a car accident. “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” Fischbach utters through tears. “It’s her parents that I want to send all the love in the world to, and her brother and sister.”

In a second video, Fischbach invited Miranda’s father, Michael — who is his stepmother’s son — onto his channel to thank Fischbach’s fans for their prayers and support. “When I first started YouTube, Miranda was one of my earliest supporters — not a fan, just honestly, truly was proud of what I was doing,” Fischbach remembers. “And she would often go to school and brag about the fact that she was related to me — and no one believed her. So every Christmas, we’d get new selfies and little videos that we’d take.”

In order to help the family cover funeral expenses, Fischbach — who has been celebrated for his unparalleled altruism — set up a GoFundMe campaign, which has rocketed past its $15,000 goal. Roughly 4,730 fans have donated almost $75,000 in just two days. “I will be contributing to the campaign myself,” Fischbach wrote, “and in addition I will personally cover all transaction expenses to ensure every penny that you contribute goes directly to the family.”

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