YouTube Star Marzia Celebrates Summer With Launch Of Her Latest Fashion Line

By 06/26/2018
YouTube Star Marzia Celebrates Summer With Launch Of Her Latest Fashion Line

Marzia Bisognin‘s latest fashion line has arrived in time for the summer. Bisognin, a YouTube star whose fashion videos and vlogs have brought more than 7.4 million subscribers to her personal YouTube channel, has launched her latest batch of seasonal apparel, which carries the appropriate title Linee.

According to a video introducing the new items, Linee takes its name not from the fact that it’s a fashion line but because it contains a lot of actual lines. That pattern is on display in this $88 jumpsuit, for example, and is seen more subtly in this $65 skirt.

This is far from the first time Bisognin has delivered a collection of fashion items for her fans. Her previous adventures in the world of stylish merch have included a nail polish shade, a line of home decor products, and several previous clothing designs. Her e-commerce initiatives are run by Re6l, which also serves as her management team.

In general, Bisognin has used her forays into fashion to deliver chic, well-designed articles of clothing. Her items were among those that received positive reviews when we asked fashion experts to review the lines curated by various YouTube stars.

Beyond her fashion sense and her many e-commerce initiatives, the Italian-born Bisognin is also known for her relationship with Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, who holds the distinction of being the most-subscribed creator on YouTube. Bisognin and Kjellberg became engaged in April 2018.