To Fold Live Streaming Service Into Its Primary App

By 06/13/2018 To Fold Live Streaming Service Into Its Primary App

A live streaming experiment launched by in 2016 will soon cease to exist — at least on its own app., which took advantage of a mobile live streaming boom around the time of its debut, will be folded into the app. didn’t say when it would merge with, though it is expected to pick up a host of new live streaming features as a result of the decision. “Live-streaming from is moving to — our goal is to make it easy to enjoy your favorite short videos and your favorite live content, all in one place,” a representative told Variety.

After’s June 2016 launch, it need just four days to claim 500,000 installs. Some creators said they made $23,000 per week on the app, while others launched their own original programs there. By mid-July 2016, had surpassed the two million download mark.

But a lot has changed at since the app — which lets its users lip sync along to their favorite songs — was acquired by Chinese media company Bytedance in 2017. North American president Alex Hofmann left the company a few months ago, and Variety reports that downloads fell 41% year-over-year during the first quarter of 2018.’s launch and sudden growth were emblematic of the trendy nature of the mobile live streaming space, which had a big year in 2016. Perhaps that industry has cooled off a bit; at the very least, we can now see that there’s no more space for to exist as a standalone app.