Conde Nast Entertainment Is Launching Individual OTT Channels For Brands Like Wired

By 05/01/2018
Conde Nast Entertainment Is Launching Individual OTT Channels For Brands Like Wired

One of the biggest buzzwords of Conde Nast Entertainment‘s presentation at the 2018 NewFronts was over-the-top. The studio arm of publisher Conde Nast announced its plan to build individual OTT apps for some of its brands, beginning with the tech-focused publication Wired.

Through CNE’s OTT apps, consumers will be able to access video content from the publisher’s well-known editorial brands on their AppleTV, Roku and Amazon Fire devices. Wired, which is up first in CNE’s digital TV pipeline, has made a mark in the online video world through web series like Autocomplete Interviews.


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The Wired OTT channel is slated to launch later this year. It will be followed by additional channels for Bon Appétit and GQ.

“While consumers have more screens and more content to choose from than ever before, advertisers face the challenge of less buyable options,” said Condé Nast CRO and CMO Pamela Drucker Mann. “Condé Nast has the engagement, brand safety and influence that make us the most impactful buyable solution in the industry. And our new OTT expansion is significant because it brings the quality of Condé Nast to next gen consumers on new platforms, and in new ways.”

While it has its eye on OTT, CNE will also continue to launch new content for other digital channels as well. At its NewFronts presentation, it announced that it has 60 digital pilots in the works for 2018 as well as several new projects for Snapchat. Those shows will join the 35 existing series that already run across CNE’s brands.

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