The “face reveal” video has emerged as one of YouTube’s favorite novelty formats. Just a month ago, the channel Unbox Therapy celebrated ten million subscribers by revealing the face of its cameraman. The result has been more than 3.8 million views.

HowToBasic, an enigmatic creator from Australia, decided to do a face reveal of his own, but as you might expect from a guy who smashes eggs under the guise of tasty recipes and home improvement tips, his reveal was…a little unusual. Instead of revealing his own face, HowToBasic unveiled those of popular YouTubers, who took turns proclaiming that they are the creators behind the popular comedy channel.

Creators like Michael Stevens of VSauce and maxmoefoe played two of the biggest roles in HowToBasic’s video, laying out elaborate schemes that explain their (fictitious, we think) involvement in the channel. Many other creators made brief cameos in the clip, including Markiplier, Boogie2988, and Casey Neistat. All of them, apparently, are HowToBasic.

At the end of his video, HowToBasic dropped some potential hints about his actual identity. Reddit, as it is wont to do, has already gotten to work decoding those messages, so that we might finally know who is behind one of YouTube’s most popular channels (HowToBasic has more than ten million subscribers.) Some people have even gone as far as to scope out our 2013 interview with him, in hopes of picking up any clues he may have left about his background. Sorry, internet sleuths. We don’t know any more about the guy than you do.

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