Two of YouTube’s foremost nerds have teamed up to launch a new podcast. Anna “BrizzyVoices” Brisbin (who has more than 1.7 million YouTube subscribers) and Tessa Netting (who counts more than 350,000 YouTube subscribers) are the hosts of Fantastic Geeks And Where To Find Them, a podcast about fandoms and pop culture.

I could describe the premise of Fantastic Geeks myself, but I’d rather defer to Netting, who offered a lengthy explanation of her podcast in a press release. If you understand all of the terms she uses in this quote, then Fantastic Geeks may be the show for you:

Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them is a podcast for people who are passionate about fandom! We’re talking nerdy TV shows, books, movies, animation, and pop culture. Brizzy and I are two best friends who met through Harry Potter and we are not afraid to celebrate what it means to be a geek! Although we are both proud Ravenclaws, we have differences in our nerdy personalities that make for a great discussion. Brizzy’s a gamer, I’m more of a YA fangirl. Brizzy’s a DC fan, I’m more of a Marvel fan. Brizzy loves Game of Thrones, I watch Superwholock and Netflix shows. Having intense fandom discussions with Brizzy, debating ship wars, playing games like Would You Rather, and sorting characters into Hogwarts houses on our podcast every Friday is going to be my new favorite part of the week!

According to Fantastic Geeks exectuive producer Expand Entertainment, the show became one of iTunes’ top ten most-downloaded podcasts shortly after it was announced. Brisbin and Netting launched their first episode on March 9; clips from the program can be found on its hosts’ respective YouTube channels.

Fantastic Geeks is part of the Cadence13 podcast network, alongside shows like Pod Save America and Rhett & Link’s Ear Biscuits.

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