YouTube is removing certain points of demographic data that it previously provided to creators in their analytics reports “to further protect the privacy of viewers,” the company wrote in a Help Forums post. YouTube’s demographics reports provide creators with the age range and gender distribution of their audiences.

First, YouTube says that creators will no longer be able to filter demographics data according to YouTube’s different products — including its Kids and Gaming properties. Instead, demographics data will be aggregated across all platforms. (That said, YouTube notes that per-platform filtering will continue to be available to measure watch time). Furthermore, creators will no longer be able to filter demographics data according to the use of its translations tool for video titles, descriptions, and subtitles.

Lastly, demographics will no longer be available for private or unlisted videos. If the unlisted video is an ad, however, users can measure demohraphics via their AdWords reports.

The company added: “You may not see demographic data if your public video or channel has limited traffic during the selected time period. You may be able to see demographics data if you extend the time period or if traffic increases.” However, YouTube notes that demographics data “is only useful to you if a meaningful number of people watched your content.”

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