YouTube recently cracked down on inappropriate content aimed at children, and if the video site’s recent announcements are any indication, its policing of family-friendly content is only going to get stricter. With that environment looming, SuperAwesome wants to make sure videomakers are properly educated on the best practices for creating ad-friendly content.

In order to achieve that goal, and to connect brands to appropriate adverting partners, the so-called “kidtech” company that helps to enable “safe, digital engagement with the global under-13 audience” between brands and content owners has launched SafeFam, a new certification program.

SafeFam participants are educated on what it means to be kid-safe and brand-safe while also learning about the consequences they could face if they do not adhere to those principles. Parents of underage creators can use SafeFam to better understand how to manage their child’s hobby. In return, SuperAwesome will review and certify family-friendly channels, leading to more ad revenue opportunities across the online video world.

The creators participating in SafeFam include some notable members of YouTube’s family video community. KittiesMama (pictured above) is an early partner, as is Grace’s World and 20-or-so kid-oriented creators.

“While YouTube has created the Intelligence Desk to spot inappropriate content earlier, there remains a lack of content guidance for YouTubers creating wholesome, kid-friendly content,” said SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins in a press release. “SafeFam has two very clear goals: a) establishing clear content policies for kids content creators on YouTube and b) increasing brand safety so that these YouTubers have more revenue opportunities ”

More information about SafeFam is available through an introductory YouTube video:

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