Liza Koshy, Hannah Hart Help Ad Council ‘Seize The Awkward’ Through Mental Health Campaign

By 01/17/2018
Liza Koshy, Hannah Hart Help Ad Council ‘Seize The Awkward’ Through Mental Health Campaign

Thanks to the ignominious actions of Logan Paul, suicide and mental health awareness have generated ample discussion in the online video community of late, and the Ad Council is looking to continue that conversation. The nonprofit’s latest partnership with YouTube stars supports Seize The Awkward, a campaign centered around reducing mental health stigma and preventing self-harm.

Seize The Awkward encourages young people to have tough conversations with their friends about mental health topics that are often considered taboo. Through those dialogues, it can be possible to catch warning signs and address them.

In order to promote Seize The Awkward, the Ad Council has turned to the online video community, whose members it has partnered with many times in the past. This time, the list of creators who are speaking out about mental health stigma includes Liza Koshy and Hannah Hart. Koshy, for example, discusses her own battle with social anxiety and explains how conversations related to her mental health have had a positive impact on her wellbeing.


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“Everybody has some sort of mental health to take care of,” Koshy said. “It is a part of your health. It’s something that you live with and something that you learn to deal with by opening up to other people about it.”

More PSAs related to Seize The Awkward can be found on the Ad Council YouTube channel. All of the spots link to the campaign’s official website, where visitors can study strategies for mental health conversations and can learn how to recognize warning signs related to suicide.

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