Veteran Hollywood Talent Manager Shares Social Media Guidebook For Actors

By 01/05/2018
Veteran Hollywood Talent Manager Shares Social Media Guidebook For Actors

Hollywood talent management veteran Brian Medavoy rose to renown steering the careers of A-list stars like Ryan Reynolds, Tobey Maguire, and Josh Brolin. And now, Medavoy — who subsequently transitioned into TV production with bold-faced series like Dharma And Greg and Just Shoot Me — is turning an eye to the social media realm.

Medavoy (pictured above with Lionel Richie and Reno Wilson) has recently curated a Social Media Guide For Actors — a how-to manual of sorts that seeks to teach aspiring performers how to harness the internet to further their careers. Today, Medavoy represents Bella Heathcote (Twylight Zones), Daniel Henney (X-Men: Origins), Reno Wilson (Mike & Molly), Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect), and more — and he has used his findings to help them navigate the digital world.

While the Guide covers myriad subjects, Medavoy touches on the fact that, today, “actors are getting casted partly based on the size of their social media followings,” and councils readers to narrow their focus to a maximum of two to three platforms. In terms of what kind of content to post, Medavoy encourages actors to share the ins and outs of their career journeys — but to steer clear of excessive self-promotion and drama that could do long-term damage to one’s reputation.


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“The biggest mistake actors make on social media is not being authentic,” Medavoy tells Tubefilter. “People have no interest in connecting with somebody who they don’t believe is being real.”

Finally, as examples of creators who are using their social channels optimally, Medavoy cites the actress Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) — who has harnessed her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart like The International Rescue Committee — as well as Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, who has chronicled his journey from reality TV star to professional wrestler online.

You can check out Medavoy’s Social Media Guide For Actors for free right here.

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