Former Vine Stars Have a Lot Of Feelings About The App’s Prospective Resurrection

By 12/08/2017
Former Vine Stars Have a Lot Of Feelings About The App’s Prospective Resurrection

Last week, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann announced his intention to resurrect the shuttered six-second video app. And when Hofmann shared a potential logo for the project on Wednesday — with the name ‘V2‘ written in the platform’s signature font (it has received roughly 200,000 Retweets to date) — a handful of digital stars who ascended to fame on Vine reacted with a combination of skepticism and glee.

Vine’s former most-followed creator, King Bach, joked about having to emerge from retirement — though, to be fair, the 29-year-old has been keeping himself plenty busy on other platforms, as well as with a slew of Hollywood projects. Other former Vine stars, like Brittany Furlan, also expressed interest — though, to be fair, it is unclear how the re-imagined platform will function. (Twitter ultimately opted to terminate Vine last year after creators fled for competing platforms due to a lack of money-making opportunities).

Matthew Espinosa and Christine Sydelko were more cautiously optimistic about a prospective Vine resurgence. While Espinosa bemoaned the fact that the platform would likely be besieged by a new generation of fame-hungry creators, Sydelko shared a list of the people that she thinks should be barred, including former Vine luminary Nash Grier.

And Nathan Zed, a YouTube and Vine creator, has his doubts about the longevity of another six-second video app. “Y’all gonna use it for a year and then stop using it, and they’re gonna have to shut it down for a second time,” Zed laughed.

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