Machinima’s Latest ‘Transformers’ Series, Bolstered By Well-Known Voices, Arrives On Go90

By 11/14/2017
Machinima’s Latest ‘Transformers’ Series, Bolstered By Well-Known Voices, Arrives On Go90

Machinima‘s latest exploration of the Transformers universe is all fueled up and ready to roll. Transformers: Titans Return, which continues the animated saga that began with 2016’s Combiner Wars, has now launched on Go90.

Titans Return features some of the most iconic Transformers characters from the franchise, with Peter Cullen leading the way as the voice of the legendary Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Cullen anchors a strong cast that includes several actors who will reprise voice roles from earlier installments of the Transformers canon, including Judd Hirsch and Wil Wheaton. Several YouTube stars, including MatPat and Tay Zonday, are featured in the new series as well.

Like Combiner Wars, which according to Machinima has received more than 125 million global views since its premiereTitans Return is available in most countries via Go90, which is run by Verizon. In China, the series will be released in partnership with local media company Sohu thanks to a 2016 deal.


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Machinima first announced its plans to link up with Hasbro for an animated series back in 2015. Now that the first two chapters of that partnership have hit the internet, only one more is needed to complete the so-called “Prime Wars Trilogy.” When that third section arrives at an as-of-yet unknown point in the future, it too is expected to be distributed through Go90.

In the mean time, fans of the robots in disguise can enjoy the Transformers content currently available for theme. Titans Return will consist of 10 episodes, each of which run for approximately 12 minutes.

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