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Koleen Diaz has the right look for any occasion. The Filipina fashionista has dazzled her audience with videos that show off her makeup, fashion, and hairstyling choices. Diaz often weaves seasonal styles into her videos, and as a result, she has emerged as a digital star with refined taste and a strong personality. Now that she has more than one million subscribers on her channel, we spoke to her about what she has accomplished so far and what she plans to do going forward.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Koleen Diaz: Having one million subscribers definitely feels like a game changer. To me, it’s kind of that number that tells you to really step your game up. Since my supporters have grown so much, to even reach this amount of people supporting me is so surreal. All I have to say is a big thank you to all of my supporters who have stuck around through my YouTube years and that I appreciate the time they take out of their day to send me sweet comments and messages, and i’ll never stop reading each one of them!

TF: Your channel has grown relatively quickly. Why do you think that is?

KD: I used to have a bad habit of procrastinating and going weeks without posting a video, but recently I’ve really been on a roll with posting once or twice a week. I feel like just being consistent with my content and engaging with my subscribers has helped my channel grow at a faster pace.

TF: With so many beauty and fashion channels on YouTube, what do you think makes yours unique?

KD: With so many beauty and fashion channels nowadays, the only way you could really differentiate each one of us from each other is through our personality and creativity. I think that throwing my personality and creativity into each piece of content I create makes my channel unique.

TF: Who do you see as your typical subscriber?

KD: I know my biggest fans are those who comment regularly on every single one of my videos – there are too many of them to name!

TF: As your videos gain more popularity, how do you make sure to stay humble?

KD: A lot of people tend to let “fame” get in their heads, especially as soon as they reach a certain amount of followers, and end up putting themselves in this “hierarchy” in which they look down at others who they see aren’t at the same level as them. This is one thing that my parents have always reminded me not to do, and if you really think about it, the only main difference that influencers have compared to non-influencers, AKA 99% of the world, is that we have many people who support and look up to us in what we do. But at the end of the day, it’s really my parents I gotta thank for keeping me grounded and keeping me in check.

TF: In general, how would you describe your fashion sense?

KD: I don’t really know what term is best to use when it comes to my style, but I’d say its a little mix of everything. I try to not stick with a certain look, but instead i like to go for a different look depending on what mood I’m in for the day to be honest. I truly feel that your style correlates with your personality and that fashion is really one of the many ways that you get to express yourself.

TF: What is your approach to branded content?

KD: Whenever I do get a chance to work with a brand, I keep it as fun as possible. Especially when it comes to sponsored YouTube videos, I try to make the video entertaining and watchable in a way that makes the sponsorship natural. I also only work with brands that I support and that I think my viewers might be interested in. If it isn’t a great fit with a brand I love or if I think my subscribers won’t love the brand, I don’t work with them. I want to keep the relationship that I have with my subscribers as authentic as possible.

TF: Do you see your videomaking style changing as you spend more time on YouTube?

KD: Throughout the course of my YouTube journey, I started off by using Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos. I really didn’t do much back then aside from jump cuts. But as soon as I started gaining more subscribers, I searched up different ways I could edit my videos with Movie Maker and learned way more things I could do to make my videos look better such as adding Bokeh effects. I feel like as soon as your subscribers start growing, you tend to feel this little urge and excitement to give your viewers more than what they have already seen on your channel, whether that’s upgrading your camera quality, using a better microphone, or editing your videos in a cooler way.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

KD: Considering the amount of people I have supporting me and mainly my fashion sense, I’m working on an upcoming clothing line based on some cool ideas I had in mind. But that’s all I can say for now 😉

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