Social Video Startup Keli Network Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Views

By 08/03/2017
Social Video Startup Keli Network Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Views

Keli Network, the proprietor of four massively-viewed social video channels on Facebook, has surpassed an impressive milestone: one billion monthly views across all of its brands. Online video intelligence firm Tubular Labs confirmed the feat.

Keli Networks’ brands include gaming-focused Gamology (3.4 million followers), the science and technology-leaning Genius Club (4 million followers), Beauty Studio (3.1 million followers), and OhMyGoal (2.7 million followers) — a leading soccer channel. In a release, Keli said it now reaches 80 million overall engaged viewers — a feat it achieved in less than a year and with less capital than its competitors. (The New York-based company announced a $2 million funding round in March led by Partech Ventures). Tubular noted that Keli has doubled network viewership per month since January.

“This milestone reflects our continued growth and supports the efficacy of our vertically-focused strategy, as well as the tools we utilize to break down the science of virality,” said Keli’s co-founder and CEO Michael Philippe in a statement. “We’ll be applying our strategy to new, additional brand channels to be launched in upcoming months.”

In addition to Facebook, Keli’s videos are also distributed across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.