Every once in a while, an organization uploads a massive number of archival videos at once, and for nerds like me, those collections are always worth checking out. The latest group dumping a huge amount of content onto YouTube is NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, which is in the process of moving hundreds of aeronautics clips to YouTube in an effort to preserve them.

According to Motherboard, NASA’s uploading spree will span 500 videos, many of which have already arrived on YouTube. A lot of them are pretty tedious (at least for those of us who aren’t engineers), but there are a few worthwhile finds within the collection. This wobbly, experimental plane from the 60s is pretty neat, as is this video of a space shuttle crew practicing extraction. The most explosive entry in NASA’s archive dates back to 1984, when Armstrong researched blew up a Boeing 720 in a “controlled impact demonstration.”

Perhaps NASA’s archival footage is not as exciting as, say, the entire OJ Simpson trial or declassified nuclear tests, but if SpaceX can get millions of views for its rocket video, then seven decades of aeronautical history will probably appeal to plenty of viewers. And since more clips will be likely uploaded over the next few weeks, its worth checking back on Armstrong’s channel if the magic of human flight intrigues you.

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