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Project Name: Nutritiously Nicola

Asking For: $20,850 through Kickstarter

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $13,023

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 26

Description: Here at Tubefilter, we’re huge fans of web series that marry comedy to food, and the latest example of that genre comes from across the pond. Creator Natalie Bray is working with her colleagues at Double Yay Productions on Nutritiously Nicola, a show about a food blogger who looks to build her career while battling her eating disorder.

In Nutritiously Nicola, Bray will portray the titular character, who is looking to share her healthy eating secrets while keeping up with her changing neighborhood and facing her personal demons. That may not seem like the recipe for uproarious comedy, but Nutritiously Nicola‘s Kickstarter page confidently brands the series as a “dark, filthy and fast-paced satirical comedy.” The goal is to raise enough money to produce six 7-10 minute episodes.

As Bray explains in her pitch video, much of Nutritiously Nicola is based off her own battle with an eating disorder:

Creator Bio: Double Yay is a collective of female creators based in the UK. According to its website, the studio takes its name from the idea that the first “yay” is finding a series you enjoy and second is realizing it has well-rounded female characters.

Best Perk: Nicola will help out backers who contribute at least 50 quid (approximately $65) by making a healthy version of their favorite unhealthy recipe. She may have trouble with my favorite recipe, which is just four pieces of bacon stacked on top of one another.

Why You Should Fund It: The cross-section between health-conscious eating and comedy has been a digital goldmine in recent years, with shows like Eat Our Feelings and The Katering Show shining through as particularly strong examples. Nutritiously Nicola, for its own part, is an ambitious piece of work that is looking to unite a disparate array of themes while providing plenty of laughs along the way. Based on the sleek composition of the campaign and the passion of its creators, there’s reason to feel confident that the ladies of Double Yay will accomplish what they’ve set out to do.

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