Star Of McJuggerNuggets YouTube Channel Co-Founds Collaborative Storytelling App

By 07/10/2017
Star Of McJuggerNuggets YouTube Channel Co-Founds Collaborative Storytelling App

Move over, consequences — a new form of collaborative storytelling has arrived, and it is receiving plenty of attention on the App Store. Storyfire, co-founded by Jesse Ridgway of McJuggerNuggets fame and Brian Spitz, has launched on the App Store as a new way for writers to tell stories together.

Storyfire, as Spitz and Ridgway tell it, was inspired by fan participation on the McJuggerNuggets channel, where Ridgway told the (fictional) story of an insane family that yelled a lot and occasionally resorted to extreme violence. When Spitz directed the documentary Psycho Family, which discussed the unique nature of Ridgway’s channel, he made an observation about the relationship between the YouTube star and his fans. “The ‘Juggies’ were super involved with Jesse’s daily series, commenting with awesome ideas for new characters and unique storylines they wanted to see come to life in future episodes,” reads a page on the Storyfire website.

With that collaborative connection in their minds, Spitz and Ridgway built an app that Spitz describes as “Stories with Friends.” Users can sign up to spin their own tales, vote on the direction of existing stories, and team up with one another on co-written pieces. A credits system called “strikes” limits the amount of content Storyfire consumers can take in per day, unless those readers wish to pay for more.


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Storyfire will theoretically shine as its community grows, and it’s already off to a strong start. Within 36 hours after its launch, it became a trending app, as Spitz showed us:


If you’re curious about Storyfire, check it out on the App Store.

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