DeStorm Power’s Take On ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Gets More Than 10 Million Views Per Episode

By 06/30/2017
DeStorm Power’s Take On ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Gets More Than 10 Million Views Per Episode

If you don’t follow digital media vet DeStorm Power on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you’re missing out on what might be the hottest show on the web (in more ways than one). It’s called Caught, and it’s a next-generation take on R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet that is averaging more than 10 million views per episode.

In the first episode of Caught, DeStorm gets caught cheating when his girlfriend unexpectedly shows up at his place on a Tuesday (obviously). Across the next 12 installments (and counting), an intricate plot has developed, with guest stars showing up to portray side characters and contribute their acting abilities (Storm sings all the voices) to the series’ “hip hopera” format. Performers who have appeared in Caught so far include several of DeStorm’s fellow online video stars and frequent collaborators, such as King Bach, Klarity, Janina, Leli Hernandez, and Lele Pons, as well as Hollywood notables like New Girl’s Lamorne Morris.


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If Caught reminds you of Trapped in the Closet (which spans 33 “chapters” and was released between 2005 and 2012), that’s DeStorm’s intention.

“I’ve always been a fan of musicals and have been doing them since my early days on YouTube,” he told Tubefilter. “I recently restarted doing them in 2016 and then wanted to try something fresh and original for my fanbase. I remember how hooked the world was to Trapped in the Closet when it was released a decade ago and decided to create my own story in a similar series-like format.”

While Caught has been most successful on Facebook, where DeStorm has used his savvy to build up a following of 3.5 million fans, the series is a massive hit on YouTube and Instagram, as well. DeStorm estimates that new episodes of his show, which he drops each Sunday, pull in between 10 and 12 million views across the web.

Caught is technically the biggest series on the internet and possibly the world,” he told Tubefilter.

Given the amount of success Caught has had so far, its hard to imagine how DeStorm could generate even more publicity, but an R. Kelly cameo would certainly be a step up. When we asked DeStorm if the R&B legend is aware of Caught, we received a coy response. “Let’s just say we may have a lot more surprises coming your way,” he said.

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