Fullscreen Orders Willam Belli Talk Show, First Stand-Up Special In Honor Of LGBT Pride Month

By 05/18/2017
Fullscreen Orders Willam Belli Talk Show, First Stand-Up Special In Honor Of LGBT Pride Month

In honor of LGBT Pride Month this June, teen-leaning subscription service Fullscreen has announced several new shows featuring prominent LGBTQ+ creators — including Suck Less (working title), a weekly call-in talk show hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race star and popular vlogger Willam Belli.

Debuting this summer, Belli will “spill the tea, throw shade, and show us all how to slay the game of life in six-inch stilettos,” according to Fullscreen. Michael Rucker (Shane & Friends, Project Runway) will produce all 13, half-hour episodes, which will also feature appearances from Belli’s drag sisters.

And as competitors like Netflix increasingly recruit top-tier comedians for exclusive specials, Fullscreen is following suit. The platform has announced its first-ever standup special to be headlined on June 16 by Rachel Scanlon — an actress, writer, and regular on Andrea Russett’s Fullscreen talk series Apologies In Advance. Titled Rachel Scanlon Is Hot And Hungry, the half-hour special — which will be taped live at the Flappers Comedy Club in California — will explore what it’s like to be LGBTQ+ in America.


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Finally, Fullscreen has ordered a second season of Hella Gay With Miles McKenna — a short form docuseries hosted by the trans activist and popular YouTube star. Season two, premiering on June 1 and consisting of nine episodes, will feature McKenna in conversation with openly gay rapper Cakes Da Killa as well as Ash and MK Kelly — two identical transgender twins who hail from a conservative town in the Midwest.

Check out a trailer below:

Other Pride-themed programming slated for June includes appearances by LGBTQ+ influencers — such as Alaska Thunderfuck, Chris Crocker, Stef Sanjati, Elijah & Christine, and Gigi Gorgeous — on the hit Fullscreen visual podcasts Psychobabble (hosted by YouTube luminary Tyler Oakley) and Shane & Friends (hosted by Shane Dawson).

Fullscreen is also highlighingt a dozen licensed series and films for Pride Month — though they have been previously available on the platform. Check out that slate, courtesy of the company, below:

  • First Girl I Loved has played to enthusiastic audiences at many prestigious festivals including The Sundance Film Festival, and explores the life of high school misfit Anne (Dylan Gelula, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) as she falls in love with Sasha (Brianna Hildebrand, Deadpool), the beautiful star of the softball team.
  • McTucky Fried High: Created, directed, and executive produced by Robert Carnilius, this animated series showcases the student body at McTucky Fried High who are an oddball collection of teen foods, who have just as many issues with social status, gender identity, and sexuality as human high school students do…with a few differences.
  • How Gay Is Pakistan?: In this enlightening documentary, Mawaan Rizwan explores what life is really like for gay people in Pakistan, where homosexuality is illegal and considered by some as a disease. In this revealing journey to the country of his birth, Mawaan meets people living gay and transgender lives despite constant fear of persecution.
  • Eastsiders: In this dark comedy, boyfriends Thom (Van Hansis, As The World Turns) and Cal (Kit Williamson, Mad Men) try to stay together through drunken outbursts, double standards, and dirty deeds.
  • Teenage & Gay: Young gay people in the U.K. are increasingly discovering the self-awareness and confidence to come out while still in school. This documentary follows five British teenagers as they come out, capturing intimate first-hand experiences.
  • Geography Club: Directed by Gary Entin. A group of students with various sexual orientations form the dullest-sounding club ever as a place where they don’t have to hide their secrets and can just be themselves. But, ultimately, they must decide how open they want to be.
  • G.B.F.: Tanner (Michael J. Willett, Faking It) is desperate to elevate his social status. He is convinced that coming out will make him instantly popular. But his plan takes an unexpected turn when he becomes “gay best friend” to three high school queen bees.
  • Anyone But Me: When 16-year-old Vivian is forced to move and leave her girlfriend behind in New York City, she struggles with her sexual identity as she tries to fit into her new suburban neighborhood.
  • Be Here Nowish: In this comedy, two struggling young women in NYC head to LA in search of spiritual growth, rewarding careers, and fulfilling relationships. But Nina (Natalia Leite) gets sidetracked by a flighty bisexual girl, and Sam’s (Alexandra Roxo, Mary Marie) hunt for the perfect guy takes an unexpected turn.
  • Carmilla: When Laura Hollis’ (Elise Bauman, Below Her Mouth) college roommate goes missing and is replaced without explanation, Laura is determined to investigate. First, she must deal with her new roomie — the sarcastic and nocturnal Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis, Almost Adults), who may or may not be a centuries-old vampire.

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