In his YouTube videos, Dan Middleton has created a world that includes the personalities he has created in Minecraft, such as the scientist Dr. Trayaurus, as well as figures from his actual life, such as his pet pugs. Now, with a new web series, he is bringing all the characters of his channel together. DanTDM Creates A Big Scene, which jumps off from Middleton’s The Diamond Minecart YouTube channel and his corresponding live tour, is now available through YouTube Red.

Middleton has brought a well-honed live show to sold-out audiences in both his native U.K. and the U.S., and when the opportunity arose for him to make a YouTube Red series, he took it. i wanted to take to make the characters and the world even bigger than where they are in tour. He told Tubefilter he sees DanTDM Creates A Big Scene as “another step moving on from the tour.” “I wanted to make the characters and the world even bigger than they are on tour,” he added.

The result is a show in which Middleton and his on-screen pans, now animated to life and given sentience, ensure that his live show will be able to go on. It’s a program that will no doubt appeal to the 14.6 million people who subscribe to The Diamond Minecart while still potentially attracting other viewers. “I think my fans will 100% love every every episode,” Middleton told Tubefilter. “The show it catered to them because it has the ones they know and love, but people new to the channel will love learning about these characters because they have deep backstories.”

Many of those viewers, both new and old, will be children. DanTDM Creates A Big Scene is one of the first YouTube Red originals routed through YouTube Kids, the all-ages app launched in 2015. As Middleton sees it, that affiliation was a natural fit. He described his videos as “family-friendly, clean content” that is “focused on fun.” The same descriptions could be applied to TheAtlanticCraft, a Minecraft channel that premiered its own YouTube Kids original series on the same day as DanTDM Creates A Big Scene’s arrival.

To check out what Middleton has cooked up for his young viewers, snag a YouTube Red account, which will run you $9.99 per month. “I worked really hard on it and it’s been a whirlwind,” Middleton told Tubefilter. “I’m excited for people to see it.”

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