New Amazon Program Is “Exclusively Designed For Social Media Influencers With Large Followings”

By 04/03/2017
New Amazon Program Is “Exclusively Designed For Social Media Influencers With Large Followings”

Amazon wants to corral high-profile content creators by offering them commissions on the goods they promote in their videos. The retailer has launched a beta version of its Amazon Influencer Program, will will provide “social media influencers with large followings” with custom hubs on which they can set up their respective shops.

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension of the tech company’s Amazon Affiliates offering, through which partners advertise items and receive commissions any time one of their fans makes a purchase because of their endorsement. Selected influencers can now take advantage of additional perks on top of the ones Affiliates already enjoy. More notably, each creator who is chosen for Amazon’s new program will gain their own page on which they can sell the goods they show off in their videos, and that page gets its own custom URL.

For an example of how this works, we can turn to the mommy-vlogging YouTube channel What’s Up Moms, which has joined the Amazon Influencer Program. As a result, the descriptions for its recent videos link to its Amazon page, where a number of the products it endorses are available.

While the economics of the Amazon Influencer Program haven’t been made clear (the company declined to a request for comment by TechCrunch, which picked up this story last week), its exclusivity has been well-defined. Amazon notes that the program has been “exclusively designed” for top-level influencers, and that creators who apply will be judged based on “number of followers on various social media platforms, engagement on posts, quality of content and level of relevancy for,” among other factors. If you think your channel meets those criteria, you can apply for an invitation right here.