PewDiePie is YouTube’s biggest star, and he loves to use his massive audience to reach for the video site’s extremes. After intentionally producing one of the most-disliked videos in history, he pushed the limits of the YouTube commenting system by asking his fans to deliver a million comments on a single video. The result was more than five times that; just two days after starting his latest experiment, he has received more than 5.3 million responses to a single upload.

In previous videos, PewDiePie has used over-the-top deliveries (a la WolfieRaps) to beg his viewers for millions of likes and dislikes. On January 28th, in his latest quest to game the ever-changing YouTube algorithm (or, perhaps, to once again troll those of us who cover him on a regular basis), he searched for the next piece of his seven-digit puzzle: One million comments on a single video.

The result has been massive. There’s no clear data on what the most-commented video in YouTube history is, but this one is most certainly it. The almighty “Gangnam Style,” which remains the most-viewed video in YouTube history, has taken more than four years to amass 4.7 million comments. In two days, PewDiePie’s quest for comments has easily outdone that total. His video put such a strain on YouTube’s servers that he even managed to break the site’s comments section.

PewDiePie’s counting experiments seem to be driven by boredom more than anything else, but they’re still fun to follow. I’m not sure what numbers are left for him to roll up, but maybe he’ll start shooting for ten million.

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