Indie Spotlight: We Could All Use Some ‘Happy Thoughts’

By 01/27/2017
Indie Spotlight: We Could All Use Some ‘Happy Thoughts’

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Sexual assault is a heavy topic, but Michaela Myers isn’t afraid to approach it with a touch of comedy. She is the creator and star of Happy Thoughts, a web series about a life coach who must deal with the events of her own past.

The woman at the center of Happy Thoughts is Edie, portrayed by Myers. As part of her job, Edie is often asked to work with patients who have suffered from sexual trauma, due to the fact that she has “experience” in that area. The show’s arc follows Edie’s interactions with one particular charge, and it reveals how her current line work forces her to come to grips with her past.

Happy Thoughts Episode 1 from Michaela Myers on Vimeo.

Happy Thoughts‘ biggest strength is its penchant for irony. Edie serves others, but as we see throughout the series, it takes a lot of effort — and the use of practices she bestows on her patients as well — to stay composed. Myers’ introduction of comedy into a show that deals with such a heavy subject is ironic in its own right; with its quiet brand of wit, Happy Thoughts shows us that maybe humor can also be part of a healing process. Eight episodes are available on Vimeo.


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