Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘The Deleted’ Brings A Change-Of-Pace Offering To Fullscreen

By 12/07/2016
Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘The Deleted’ Brings A Change-Of-Pace Offering To Fullscreen

The newest series on the Fullscreen subscription video on-demand (SVOD) service is something a little different. It’s called The Deleted, it serves as the directorial debut of American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis, and it features social media stars like Nash Grier and Amanda Cerny.

The Deleted, which was announced alongside the Fullscreen SVOD service back in April, is Easton Ellis’ latest attempt to offer a satirical comment on vice and youth culture. This time, his plot is routed through a mysterious cult; the show’s protagonists, including Grier’s character, are escapees of that cult who find themselves addicted to drugs. If you’ve ever read one of Easton Ellis’ books, you’ll know his work tends to be rather graphic, and as The Deleted’s poster (pictured above) shows, this is no exception.

What makes The Deleted such an interesting project is the stark divide between Easton Ellis’ fans and, say, Grier’s. Indiewire, in its review of the project, comments on Easton Ellis’ delicate camerawork, which the reviewer compares to famed arthouse director Terrence Malick. Meanwhile, Grier devotees seem more curious about their favorite social media star’s acting job — and, perhaps, who he’s kissing.

The Deleted’s two viewership bases, therefore, are strange bedfellows. Still, Fullscreen deserves props for taking a risk on an interesting, salacious project and for trusting its audience to connect with the challenging content placed in front of them.

The first episode of The Deleted arrived on December 4th. New ones will be released each day until the show’s eight-part run is available in its entirety on the Fullscreen service, which costs $5.99 per month.