YouTube Star Tyler Oakley Shares “Holiday Jams” Through Connor Franta’s Heard Well Label

By 12/05/2016
YouTube Star Tyler Oakley Shares “Holiday Jams” Through Connor Franta’s Heard Well Label

Tyler Oakley has put together his second compilation album, and this one comes with a helping of Christmas cheer. Oakley is the curator behind Holiday Jams, a holiday album now available through Connor Franta’s Heard Well label.

Holiday Jams looks to add a few fresh choices to the typical Christmas staples that receive regular airplay each December. As is the case with all of the compilations Heard Well distributes, Oakley’s album shines light on under-the-radar artists who deserve to be heard. It also strives to raise money for a good cause; a portion of all the proceeds generated by Holiday Jams will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

“No matter what you celebrate, the winter holidays are all about love, kindness, and generosity of spirit,” wrote Oakley in his description of Holiday Jams. “The songs in this album are perfect for a night in with friends or family, spending quality time around a log fire or giving gifts with egg nog. While most radio stations play the same songs from the same performers every Winter, this album is a fresh batch of new instant-classics you’ll be returning to every year.”

This is the second compilation album Oakley has released through Heard Well. His first, Pride Jams, arrived back in June and featured a variety of LGBTQ artists. That album was also linked to a charitable cause, with a portion of its proceeds going to The Trevor Project.

Two different versions of Holiday Jams are available. The album itself costs $14.99, while a signed bundle goes for $24.99.