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Thanks to its over-the-top jargon and the self-absorbed nature of many of the people who work within it, the advertising industry is a strong target for satire. The Brief, a new web series from Matt Sadowski and Dustin Brown, provides exactly that. It takes the life experiences of its creative team and uses them to construct a number of ridiculous scenarios set in the agency world.

The Brief stars Jesse Rath and Michael Seater as a copywriter and an art director, respectively. Despite their odd couple relationship, they must work together in order to come out on top in an agency filled with ridiculous characters. Right from the top of the first episode, the jokes fly fast and free; Sadowski’s script is filled with cheeky dialogue that highlights the absurd nature of the characters he has created.

Sadowski and Brown draw their comedy from an insider perspective. In addition to working as a filmmaker, Sadowski is also a copywriter, and Brown works at the Toronto-based agency Elemental, where The Brief is set. Despite their deep knowledge of the industry they’re targeting, Sadowski and Brown don’t overwhelm their audience with in-jokes. Even if you don’t know your ROIs from your CPMs, you’ll still find plenty to laugh at here.


  • AdFIRMIf The Brief isn’t enough agency comedy for you, check here for some more.
  • Here We Wait. At this purgatory-like location, patrons order a final meal.
  • Brian Remus: Science GeniusThis series, launching in December, will follow a wannabe Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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