Hannah Hart Gets Her Own Show On The Food Network

By 07/25/2016
Hannah Hart Gets Her Own Show On The Food Network

The woman who got famous by making drunk food in her humble kitchen is going to TV. Hannah Hart, whose success on YouTube has earned her 2.5 million subscribers, two book deals, multiple feature film opportunities, and many other rewards, will host a show on the Food Network that will launch later in 2016.

Hart’s show doesn’t currently have a title, but its premise was made clear to The Hollywood Reporter, which first shared the news of the upcoming program. In each episode, the 29-year-old YouTube star will travel to a city and search for budget restaurants where meals do not exceed the average price for dining out in that city.

The budget-eats bent of Hart’s new show will pair well with her digital personality. The sloppy and thrown-together nature of My Drunk Kitchen has caused its food items to be unpretentious and unfussy rather than highbrow cuisine, and Hart herself seems to have embraced the simple, tasty fare prepared on her flagship web series. The travel aspect of the new show will play to Hart’s personality as well; in 2013, she launched Hello, Harto, a series that took her across the globe for a series of adventures curated by her fans.

“My life has blessed me with so many wonderful opportunities that my goal is to find a way to make them accessible to all!” Hart told The Hollywood Reporter. “Food Network is the perfect partner for this endeavor and I couldn’t be more proud to call them mine.”

An exact release date for the new show hasn’t been announced, but it is expected to premiere before the end of the year. It’s first season will consist of six episodes.