Fund This: ‘Period Piece’ Heads To Kickstarter To Begin Another Cycle

By 07/13/2016
Fund This: ‘Period Piece’ Heads To Kickstarter To Begin Another Cycle

Welcome to the Fund This column! Each week, we’ll look at a planned web series or other online video project currently in search of funding on crowdfunding sites. We’ll tell you what the series is all about and explain why it is worth your money. Do you have a project that’s currently being crowdfunded? Contact us to let us know and we may feature it in upcoming installments and check out previous installments right here.

Project Name: Period Piece

Asking For: $20,000 on Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $15,795

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 27 hours. Go fast!

Description: A web series that deftly combines comedy, history, and feminism is looking to pick up the funding it needs for a second season. Period Piece, created by Liliana Tandon, needs one final push on Kickstarter if it is to reach its goal.

The name Period Piece is a double-entendre that refers both to the show’s historical focus and its discussion of menstruation. Episodes take place during individual historical moments in time and use punchy back-and-forth dialogues to explain the prevailing attitudes toward periods across many cultures and eras. The show’s first season covered several thousand years, and season two is aiming for an equally huge breadth. Its settings will range from antiquity to the modern day, with a special Donald Trump episode on the horizon.

The budget raised on Kickstarter will go toward the production of at least four new episodes. Tandon provides additional details in a pitch video attached to her campaign:

Creator Bio: Period Piece is Tandon’s first major creation. The idea came to her where many ideas tend to crop up: Over drinks with a friend.

Best Perk: Backers who kick in at least $35 receive a diva cup. As the campaign explains, this perk is good for men, too. “If you don’t get your period, get one for your girlfriend…or your sister…or your mom,” it reads. “Trust us, she’ll thank you.”

Why You Should Fund It: The first season of Period Piece was a clever, incisive, and very funny look at the ways in which the perceptions associated with women’s health have changed over time and space. Even for those of us who do not menstruate, the show’s brisk pace and fun performances make it an amusing piece of edutainment.

The first season of Period Piece was good enough to earn a feature in our Indie Spotlight column, and the show is certainly good enough to deserve a second go-round. If you agree, move quickly – with just a day left in Period Piece‘s campaign, it still needs several thousand more dollars to reach its goal.

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