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Jeanine Amapola‘s YouTube videos are cheerful and upbeat, and her positive attitude is paying off big time. Amapola, who recently graduated from the University of Texas, has over the past few years found success on YouTube with her collection of beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and DIY videos. Now, Amapola, who is partnered with StyleHaul, has surpassed one million subscribers, so we asked her some questions about her channel.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Jeanine Amapola: It’s honestly an incredible feeling. Nobody can ever imagine getting this far and I am so appreciative of everyone who has been there along the way and believed in me. In regards to my subscribers, I don’t see them as fans but my friends! I just want to thank them for supporting me through everything and always cheering me up every day. Their tweets, comments, and pictures mean a lot to me! I appreciate them for just sticking around and making me always feel loved!

TF: With so many people creating beauty, style, fashion, and DIY videos on YouTube, what would you say makes your channel unique?

JA: I strive to be genuine, honest, and authentic with my audience. I think that really conveys itself through my videos. I believe it brings me a closer connection to my subscribers.

TF: What made you decide to go with a weekly posting schedule rather than something more frequent?

JA: I wanted to give my subscribers a day they could count on seeing me! I wanted them to all know that on Saturdays, I would have a video. It’s also good for me because it challenges me to work harder and make sure I keep my word. I also am a firm believer in quality over quantity, so I’d rather get one good video up a week than three average ones. I also have a vlog channel where I upload more often.

TF: Has it been challenging to keep up with college while still posting videos to YouTube?

JA: Very! I also was a cheerleader for the University of Texas too, so balancing everything was difficult, but I like challenging myself and staying busy. Having a planner and a manager are honestly so essential to my life!

TF: What is the creative process like for the comedic skits you post on your channel?

JA: I try to think of a video idea that is relatable to my audience or ask them for suggestions, and then I come up with a list of like ten things that will usually be included in the video and then I just go for it! No scripts, just whatever feels natural. I just want to have fun with it and be myself in the process.

TF: Which of your DIY projects has ultimately been the most useful for you?

JA: Probably ones I’ve included in my life hack videos. I still use the one where I remove lipstick with chap stick!

TF: What does your typical editing process look like?

JA: I usually start editing with the talking intro, add some pop ups, fun music, and then just take it from there. I get into this deep editing mode where time just flies! I try to make my videos fun and colorful. After I’m done editing the whole video, I go back and make my 30-second fun intro. I also really love post-production and seeing everything come together, it’s the most fun part for me!

TF:Are there specific creators on YouTube with whom you would like to collaborate in the future?

JA: Yes! I would love to collab with Nikki and Gabi, Bethany Mota, and probably Alisha Marie again. All of them have such fun channels and I love their work!

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

JA: Just keep working harder and harder and give back to my subscribers as much as I can. I would also love to travel the world, do meet ups, and continue to share my experiences with everyone!

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