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Project Name: Million Dollars, But… The Game

Asking For: $10,000 on Kickstarter

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $205,774. Stretch goals will soon launch in order to encourage further donations.

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 29

Description: Rooster Teeth wants to bring a new party game to your shelf. The popular production studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Million Dollars, But… The Game, a game that asks players how far they would go to win a million dollars.

Million Dollars, But… gameplay proceeds similarly to other judge-based party games (such as Cards Against Humanity). Players fill their hands with a combination of “trigger” cards and “rule” cards, which they can combine to form the cruelest-possible negative drawbacks to a million-dollar windfall. An example provided on the game’s Kickstarter campaign is “Every time you see a store having a sale, you poop your pants a little bit.” Players who piece together the wittiest combinations will emerge victorious.

Rooster Teeth first debuted Million Dollars, But… as a web series, but the new game will allow viewers to get in on the fun as well. More details are available in the project’s Kickstarter pitch video, which also features Burnie Burns‘ best Steve Jobs impression.

Creator Bio: Rooster Teeth is based in Austin and first rose to digital notability thanks to the web series Red Vs. BlueWe’ve covered that show, as well as the studio’s other productions, many, many times.

Best Perk: At the $100 level, Rooster Teeth will toss in a weekend pass to RTX, its annual convention. This year’s get-together will run from July 1-3 in Austin.

Why You Should Fund It: Well, you don’t technically need to fund Million Dollars, But… The Game, since Rooster Teeth’s dedicated community has already ensured that the game’s Kickstarter campaign will exceed its goal many times over. The best reason to fund MDB is to get a copy of the game itself, which, if the quality of its creative team’s previous work is any indication, will be top-notch.

It has been interesting to watch Rooster Teeth’s growth as a company. These aren’t just a bunch of dudes who love video games anymore; they’re versatile entertainers who have the chops to tackle a wide number of media. The tabletop genre is their latest target, and it looks like they’ll hit their mark once again.

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