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Positive vibes are overrated. Instead, in a new web series, creator Molly Anne Coogan documents the things that grind her gears. It’s called Things I Hate, and its first two episodes are of high quality.

With a title like Things I Hate, one might expect a web series filled with anger and vitriol. Coogan’s “hate,” however, is more of a quiet discontent, and her series never goes too far over the top. Instead, she slowly-but-surely catalogs her frustrations across sketches that are held together by a central strand of plot. The first episode puts a female spin on a classic bit from The 40-Year-Old Virgin by “hating” on a waxing spa.

Coogan was previously known for a video called ‘Nickelblock‘ which was also fueled by hate (specifically, of the band Nickelback). Clearly, she’s in her wheelhouse, and if her results prove entertaining enough, she hopes to create more videos within her new series. If you like what you see, you can fund Things I Hate on Seed & Spark.


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