With 318 Million Monthly Viewers, BroadbandTV Tops Comscore’s Network Rankings

By 02/04/2016
With 318 Million Monthly Viewers, BroadbandTV Tops Comscore’s Network Rankings

There’s a new top dog in the world of digital networks. Canada-based company BroadbandTV has eclipsed Maker Studios to snag the number one spot in Comscore’s most recent multi-platform network (MPN) rankings.

The MPNs included in Comscore’s rankings are commonly referred to as multi-channel networks (MCNs); the updated label respects the diversifying nature of the measured companies. The rankings sort the top MPNs by measuring the number of unique, worldwide desktop viewers they claim each month (note that mobile viewers aren’t included by Comscore in its rankings, at least not yet). By that metric, BroadbandTV is at the top, thanks to the 318,983,000 unique viewers it claims across the globe each month. Maker Studios, with more than 246 million uniques, came in second, and Fullscreen, Machinima, and the newly-united Studio71 network reached third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

When sorted by other metrics, BroadbandTV still topped the other MPNs Comscore measured. The Vancouver-based network counted 2.7 billion aggregate views in December 2015, and its viewers watched 8.6 million minutes of content that month. It owes its strong performance to a number of factors, including its strong position within the YouTube community, its partnerships with top brands, and, perhaps most important, the sheer size of its network. In total, BroadbandTV has more than 74,000 partners.


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“We’ve put ourselves at the centre of the communities and conversations that millennials are engaging with, powered it with our scalable technology and solutions, and built media brands that will shape the future of online video and entertainment,” said BroadbandTV Founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati in a press release. “We’ve created one of the largest and most scalable video ecosystems, and we’ve done so with a fraction of the capital that other players have raised.”

BroadbandTV also reached the number-five position within Comscores rankings of all digital video properties. In that category, Google, which claimed more than 924 million unique viewers worldwide in December 2015, continues to hold a strong lead.

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