Fund This: Joan Cornellà Asks Kickstarter To Help Him Create Dark, Comedic Animations

By 12/23/2015
Fund This: Joan Cornellà Asks Kickstarter To Help Him Create Dark, Comedic Animations

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Project Name: Joan Cornellà Animation Project

Asking For: $87,243 on Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $42,056

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 17

Description: One man has a face in his crotch. Another has grown large breasts. A third contorts his body for Instagram purposes. These are just a few of the bizarre characters who show up in the work of Joan Cornellà, a webcomic artist whose work you may have seen passed around on the Internet from time to time.

Cornellà is kind of like the Spanish Cyanide & Happiness, and like C&H, he is currently hoping to adapt his strips into a video format. To do that, he needs to raise money on Kickstarter, and that’s where people like us come in. Cornellà hopes that our contributions will allow him to create short animations adapted from 30 different strips. Along the way, he’ll feature all of the black comedy he’s known for; if you want to get a taste of what that comedy looks like, you only need to watch his pitch video, which features an unexpected twist:

Creator Bio: Cornellà, born in Barcelona, has parlayed the popularity of his comic strips into a series of books. He has published four collections, including his most recent work, Zonzo, which will be partially adapted as part of the upcoming animated series.

Best Perk: If you spend a mere €5 on Cornellà’s project, he’ll send a personal “f**k you” to your email. What else would you expect for such a small contribution?

Why You Should Fund It: Some may find Cornellà’s work to be too on-the-nose, but it’s hard not to smile as you scroll through his blog (assuming you can handle a bit of dark humor). His style is undeniably unique, and he is willing to traverse into territory that other people wouldn’t dare mine for comedy.

His style also happens to be a perfect fit for the digital video world. In an age when super-short-form platforms like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat have corralled huge audiences, Cornellà’s quick and dirty animations are liable to find their own fans. For a taste of his work, you can check out the animation he has already posted to his YouTube channel. It’s a good little bit, but I’m hoping for more–and I’m surely not alone.

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