Fund This: ‘Black Cop, White Cop’ Turns To Kickstarter For 70s Send-Up

By 11/25/2015
Fund This: ‘Black Cop, White Cop’ Turns To Kickstarter For 70s Send-Up

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Project Name: Black Cop, White Cop

Asking For: $7,000 on Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $880

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 17

Description: There’s trouble on the streets, but luckily for us, an interracial tag team plans to sort everything out. Cody Theilman and Jayson Watson are the creators and stars of Black Cop, White Cop, a parody of 70s exploitation films that hopes to raise the funds it needs on Kickstarter.

The premise of Black Cop, White Cop is simple: Theilman (who is white) and Watson (who is black) play a pair of law enforcers who get paired together after they both burn out of their respective careers as martial arts experts. In tandem, they will traipse around town, taking out bad guys wherever they pop up. There will be plenty of banter between the two of them, and their combined incompetence will place the series squarely within the action-comedy genre.

Theilman and Watson share clips from Black Cop, White Cop in their pitch video. The series openly mocks the exploitation films that inspired it, and that’s all according to plan. “There’s a lack of good ol’ fashion low brow filthy comedy these days,” reads the Kickstarter page, “and we’re excited to fill that void.”

Creator Bio: Theilman and Watson’s production company is called Reelax Photography. Under that banner, they’ve created a number of web series and commercials, most of which feature the same 70s hue as Black Cop, White Cop.

Best Perk: For $200, Theilman and Watson will cast you in an episode of Black Cop, White Cop. You will be an extra, and you will be killed on-screen. Rough life, I know.

Why You Should Fund It: As fans of the movie Black Dynamite will be quick to tell you, the world of exploitation films is ripe for satire. The music is so funky, the haircuts so ridiculous, and the plotting so ludicrous that the jokes practically write themselves.

On the other hand, you don’t need to have seen any of the films Theilman and Watson are mocking in order to appreciate the series they’re trying to make. Black Cop, White Cop will be silly, it will be goofy, and from the looks of its pitch video, it will be great fun. If you want to see it come to life in all its 70s-tinted glory, consider helping out its creators.

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