A handful of YouTube stars, Twitch streamers, and other creative types are involved in a new project on Instagram, but no video is involved. Instead, creators like Meghan “Strawburry17” Camarena appear in a series of high-quality photos, which together form a superhero whodunit dubbed #SpideyMurderMystery.

As its title suggests, the #SpideyMurderMystery takes place in the Marvel universe, with characters from the Spider-Man canon battling one another. Their struggles are photographed by Michael Becker across daily sets of nine images.

The mystery will unfold during the week of October 26th, with each daily photo set focusing on a specific character. Up first is Gwen Stacy, portrayed by Camarena; she’ll be followed by Yu Komori (stuntman Yoshua Sudarso), Silk (Joanna Sotomura), Mary Jane (Ashlyn Pearce), and Peter Parker (Twitch streamer Wesley Johnson). While the same set of nine captions remains the same across all characters, the changing nature of the images themselves suggest a larger story at play.

As the story unfolds, additional social media influencers, such as Nikki Philippi and Joey Graceffa, will promote it with images of their own. spider-verse. “If you’re not familiar with the characters we made the story line simple for anyone to enjoy but also gave a few nods to the spidey fandom,” reads a press sheet discussing the series.

#SpideyMurderMystery is not your typical digital series, and its intricately constructed design won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s certainly a novel idea, however, and so we’re curious to see where it goes. The quality of Becker’s photography makes this an interesting ride, even if we can’t solve the mystery just yet.

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