The North American International Toy Fair is a 113-year-old trade show for toy industry professionals, retailers, and press conceived of and run by the Toy Industry Association (aka TIA). Since way back in 1903, the tentpole event has provided major players (like Mattel, Lionel, Playmobil, Hasbro, and Lego, among others) the opportunity to show off their latest and greatest innovations and wares (like Avengersthemed Lego minifigs that now sell for $1,125) to 30,000 or so industry bigwigs and buyers, who then promote and sell them to the billions of denizens of the world at large.

The event is a kind of real-life realization of the dream job Tom Hanks lands in Big. And you’re just as likely to have an unplugged Zoltar grant you a wish as you are to get a ticket, as International Toy Fair is a trade-only event where attendees must register and fulfill a laundry list of requirements in order to get in the building and the general public is not allowed to attend. At least the general public was not allowed to attend until now.

That’s because Toy Fair just introduced Play Fair. Come February 13 – 14, 2016, Play Fair will “bring new and beloved toy and pop culture brands together under one roof for an interactive and fun-filled live event open to families, collectors, and media” right alongside Toy Fair at New York City’s Javits Center.

“Our launch of Play Fair couldn’t come at a better time, as we’re seeing a growing number of studies and reports that underscore play’s crucial developmental benefits to children, and its impact on the happiness and well-being of adults,” added Steve Pasierb, TIA President & CEO, in the release. “We look forward to welcoming families from far and wide for a spectacular event filled with magical moments and playful experiences that they will be re-living and talking about long after they leave the show.”

Pretty cool, right? If you’re wondering why Tubefilter is covering the announcement, the answer is threefold. 1) We think it’s pretty cool, too. 2) LeftField Media is partnering with the Toy Industry Association to bring Play Fair to the masses. If that name sounds familiar it’s because it’s who we’ve partnered with for our upcoming Stream Con NYC and we’re big fans of all they’re up to. And 3) As an overwhelming majority of advertisers finally start to realize the power and appeal of online video creators and social media influencers, those individuals with actionable followings are being incorporated into marketing a growing number of new products, including toys. YouTube channels featuring kids and adults playing with and unboxing children’s toys get an unbelievable amount of views, so expect them to be a big part of the consumer-oriented Play Fair.

You can learn more about Play Fair, including how to get tickets to the event, at If you’re a YouTube creator interested in learning how you can be involved in Play Fair, hit up LeftField Media right here

Awesome Star Wars Lego image by the talented D. Martin Myatt and

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