Relationship Drama ‘Anyone But Me’ To Add ‘Lost Scenes’ To Its Run

By 07/14/2015
Relationship Drama ‘Anyone But Me’ To Add ‘Lost Scenes’ To Its Run

Anyone But Me, which gained a cult following across three web seasons, remains popular with its fans despite airing its final episode more than three years ago. In order to thank those fans for their loyalty, series creators Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward have planned a little gift: They will share ten additional scenes, which they will release one at a time under the title Anyone But Me: The Lost Scenes.

The Lost Scenes will be designed to fit into Anyone But Me’s story arc, which follows the lives of a pair of young, lesbian protagonists. The series’ two primary actresses, Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent, will both reprise their roles for The Lost Scenes. As Miller explained in an e-mail to Tubefilter, the goal is to create new material that can relate to previous episodes without depending entirely on them:

“The new scenes can truly stand alone in terms of their emotional charge, but we loved the idea that they could have been written and shot for existing episodes from our past seasons. In a way they enlarge our show and broaden our reach. When we air, at the end of each new one we’ll put up a link to a particular episode for the fans to watch and see for themselves if they agree with where we thought a scene might belong. Meanwhile, we hope they’ll watch every season so they can enjoy playing detective when the new scenes launch.  And, that newcomers to Anyone But Me seeing these scenes out of context will be enticed to watch the entire series.”

The Lost Scenes will be a big treat for fans who have followed Anyone But Me since its 2008 premiere, but as Miller explained, the series still brings in new viewers, even though it ended its run in 2012. “We hear from new fans all the time,” she said. “So many people are still finding the show for the first time. And it’s because of our fans’ continuing passion and loyalty that we decided to give them something they’ve always wished for, but I’m sure never expected – more ABM!”

The first new scene will debut on September 1st on Anyone But Me’s Hulu channel and will arrive two weeks later on the show’s YouTube channel. The Lost Scenes will release across ten weeks, with one new installment each week. While these scenes will add new material to the Anyone But Me canon, Miller and Ward have no plans to create any more full episodes of the series. “I’m still very proud of how we ended it,” Ward told Tubefilter. “It’s a gift to be able to walk away feeling that way.”