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Kung Fury recently gave viewers a loving spoof of 80s cop movies, but elsewhere on YouTube, a different film genre is getting taken apart, one ridiculous convention at a time. Fleming Films is the production team behind Dick Hopper, Private Eye, a very silly send-up of film noir mysteries.

Dick Hopper establishes its tone right from the start. In the first scene, a murderer attempting to sneak up on his prey loudly walks across a creaky floor. Its a simple joke, but it will draw a laugh from anyone who has wondered how killers can make it through an old house without so much as a peep.

That sort of silliness permeates throughout Dick Hopper. Writers Tommy Fleming and Riley Smith stuff sex jokes into character names, write their titular character as a gormless idiot, and give him lines that consist primarily of ridiculous figures of speech. In the first episode, for example, Dick Hopper notes that “this cookie’s about to crumble” and vows to “catch the first rat that nibbles up those oatmeal raisins.”

Beyond its status as an absurd satire, Dick Hopper is also a loving tribute to the genre it parodies. With shadowy, black-and-white production, a slow-burning jazz soundtrack, and a wide ensemble of characters that runs the gamut of crime movie archetypes, Dick Hopper serves as a love letter to film noir, even as it skewers the genre with no mercy.

The first season of Dick Hopper will run for seven episodes. New installments can be viewed each Wednesday on the show’s YouTube channel.



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