FameBit Acquires Video Agency Refame, Crosses 450 Million Subscribers Mark

By 05/15/2015
FameBit Acquires Video Agency Refame, Crosses 450 Million Subscribers Mark

FameBit is expanding. The online marketplace, which connects brands to YouTube creators for branded content efforts, has acquired short-form video marketing agency Refame.

FameBit works to facilitate the connection between mid-level YouTubers and brands who can’t afford to work with top YouTube talent or MCNs. The marketplace has already connected YouTube creators with brands like L’oreal and Dollar Shave Club. Refame has a similar goal of connecting digital stars with advertisers, but instead focuses on creating short-form video content on Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram. FameBit’s acquisition of Refame means all of the brands within FameBit’s marketplace can now reach even more digital platforms.

On FameBit, Brands will be able to make content packages, which include formats like review or haul videos. Once brands set their price, YouTubers or digital creators on Snapchat, Vine, or Instagram can submit proposals for their branded content ideas. Brands select a YouTuber to work with, and that creator uploaded a sponsored video to his or her YouTube channel. So far, YouTube creators on FameBit have sent out over 100,000 content proposals, and FameBit claims that 87% of brands and 90% of YouTubers return to the platform for more collaborations.

“This is a defining moment for FameBit, ” said David Kierzkowski, co-founder and CEO of FameBit. “We see Refame as a natural addition to the long-form content our influencers are currently creating and we are excited to incorporate it into our platform. By expanding our reach to content marketers on Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, we’re giving brands the opportunity to speak to audiences across other creative platforms in ways that are most impactful and appropriate for each one of those platforms.”

FameBit now boasts more than 450 million subscribers and more than 10,000 YouTube creators on its platform. Last year, the company helped brands create more than 1,000 videos in the month of July alone, and paid out over $500,000 to creators by October.