Indie Spotlight: “The Katering Show” Is A Laugh Riot In The Kitchen

By 02/13/2015
Indie Spotlight: “The Katering Show” Is A Laugh Riot In The Kitchen

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American women aren’t the only ones who can pull off a cooking/comedy hybrid on a tight budget. Aussies Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney are the titular Kates in The Katering Showa new web series on the Lead Balloon TV channel.

On their show, fictional versions of McLennan and McCartney (the similarity of their names to another famous duo is apparently just a coincidence) teach viewers how to cook. The catch is that McCartney has a number of food intolerances, so she makes a stomach-safe version of whatever meal McLennan is cooking up. McLennan has no dietary restrictions, but her over-the-top, cloying personality makes her a high-energy foil to McCartney’s mopey sad-sack of a co-host.


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The Katering Show recently zoomed up the charts on Reddit, and for good reason. The two Kates have some serious writing chops, and they have put together a hysterical script to go with moments of subtle, physical comedy. They previously teamed up to write the 2014 web series Bleak (also available on Lead Balloon TV), and after viewing their latest work, I’m hoping to see many more collaborations between these two dynamic ladies from Down Under.

All six episodes of The Katering Show are available via Lead Balloon TV.


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