iTunes Has A Special Page For Podcasts Hosted By YouTubers

By 12/19/2014
iTunes Has A Special Page For Podcasts Hosted By YouTubers

The online video community is making big moves on iTunes, and Apple’s retail service has provided those creators with a little support of its own. iTunes users can now navigate to a landing page that offers more than a dozen podcasts hosted by YouTubers and other web video personalities.

The landing page supports an increasing trend of YouTubers with their own podcasts. Perhaps the best example of this trend is Shane and Friends, the audio series hosted by Shane Dawson that features weekly interviews with other members of the YouTube community. More recently, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, and PewDiePie have all following suit by launching chatty podcast series of their own. All of those offerings can be found on the landing page, as can additional podcasts from CGP Grey, Kingsley, and Rhett and Link.

For these creators, podcasts are another medium–like books, films, and TV shows–to which YouTube subscribers can be converted. Some of these podcasts, such as Helbig’s Not Too Deep, contain visual elements to go along with the audio releases.

If you’re interested in learning more about the online video industry and the creative people who inhabit it, these podcasts are the perfect way to accomplish that goal. The new iTunes category could increase traffic, especially now that Serial has concluded and left millions of listeners in search of a new podcast to occupy their daily commutes. Here at Tubefilter, we recommend starting with the Flula episode of Rhett and Link’s Ear Biscuits and branching out from there.