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Project Name: The One Minute Fly Show

Asking For: €32,615 ($40,711.67) on Indiegogo

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): €11, 030 ($13,768.20)

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 6

Description: The One Minute Fly Show is an animated web series based off a 2006 short called “One Minute Fly“. In that video, an adorable little insect buzzes around his tropical habitat, checking off as many items on his “to-do list” as he can before his one-minute lifespan expires. This interesting little concept proved itself to be a winner among online video viewers, who have watched “One Minute Fly” more than 1.2 million times.

In order to build “On Minute Fly” into a six episode web series, creator Michael Reichert hopes to introduce us to a half-dozen more insects, who will all have their own goals and aspirations during their sixty-second lives. Through these stories, Reichert hopes to inspire his viewers and make them think about their own lives. “The shortness and merit of life have a meaning to all of us,” reads the project’s Indiegogo page. “How do you live your life to the fullest? What is important to you?…People feel really touched by the story of the initial animated short ‘One Minute Fly‘. It reminds them to make the best out of their lives…We would like to reach out again for the people and give them more appealing stories they can relate to.”

Creator Bio: Reichert is an animator who hails from Essen in Germany. “One Minute Fly” is, without a doubt, his crowning achievement in the online video space.

Best Perk: Among other perks, contributors at the €40 level receive a digital DVD version of “One Minute Fly” and a plush toy version of the titular insect, which is the rare bug I would not swat away if it came close to my face.

Why You Should Fund It: The Internet runs on cute animals, and even though it is an insect, the “One Minute Fly” is adorable. More importantly, the short film that spawned him is brilliant. It has the clever twists and whimsy of a typical Pixar pre-show presentation while still possessing independent craftsmanship. In the years since its release, its even won a few awards, too.

“One Minute Fly” is very different from the typical online video project, but it is still accessible enough to instill an emotional reaction in all its viewers. The One Minute Fly show promises that experience, times six.

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