Bad Lip Reading has marked the holiday season with a special occasion of its own. The infrequently-updated YouTube channel has given viewers its take on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the video has amassed more than four million views in just four days.

In typical BLR fashion, the Catching Fire video dubs over characters from The Hunger Games and replaces their lines with nonsensical gibberish. Katniss starts singing after eating a plum, calls Peeta Loukey Doo (he’s Fempy Doo, he explains), and launches a new band called the Obsibots. There’s plenty more absurdity within, so give the video a peek if you haven’t watched it already:

As BLR is wont to do, the Catching Fire episode ends in song. In a separate video, Katniss and Peeta give their first performance as the Obsibots, performing their hit song “Choo-Choo Go.” As the main video has rocketed up the YouTube charts, “Choo-Choo Go” has made an impact on iTunes, where it is available alongside other BLR jams. The series musical affinity comes as no surprise; while its creator has remained anonymous, he is believed to work in the music industry.

This is the second time BLR has given its signature treatment to The Hunger Games. Its first take on the blockbuster franchise debuted back in September 2012 and has racked up 28 million views to date, making it the third-most popular video in the BLR library.

New BLR releases are fairly intermittent, but we can be confident that that consistently hilarious series will drop another episode soon. After all, the NFL playoffs are right around the corner.

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